VITAL perfume + Hematite (4-wrap) Diffuser Bracelet

Let our VITAL perfume infused with hand-picked Raspberries, Vintage Patchouli, grassy Vetiver, Bois de Rose, Olibanum and Ginger help you stay physically present and grounded.

Place a drop or two on your infuser bead and grounding Hematite bracelet or wear neat on your skin at pulse points or hand-comb through your hair.

5ml bottle of VITAL perfume + Hematite gemstone bracelet with infuser bead shipped in a posh suede pouch with Affirmation Booklet.


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Susan Varga designed a signature scent for me. It's a special feeling to have your own scent, designed just for you, knowing it reflects who you are and even shows you who you might be...which is the secret in Susan's perfumes! She accesses so many levels of creativity, beauty, healing and Spirit with absolutely delicious holistic results.
Linda Lee
Author & Owner, Matrix Alchemy

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural or Botanical perfumes are designed using essential oils, absolutes, CO2’s and tinctured alcohol or oil (perfumer’s diluent or base).  Wear like you would any other perfume, however, reapply more often as natural or botanical perfumes have less sillage or they don’t emit aroma beyond a limited space. This makes natural or botanical perfumes more appealing as they are more intimate. 

Yes I do.  I offer micro-manufacturing for five (5) businesses per year.  This is my way of providing the best one-on-one service to blossoming or evolving brands.