Sacred Luxuries

Wisdom Perfume Oils

Insight Set

Set of 7 (1.85ml ea.)

Randomly select from a silk bag of (7) 1.85ml bottles letting Nature guide your way.  All perfume oils are made from organically grown leaf, flower and fruit infusions as well as sustainable sourced essential oils and absolutes.  Each perfume rests on its own personal affirmation to infuse it with an intention (Affirmation Booklet comes with each purchase).  Use to gather personal insight or layer and create your own personal perfume to fit your mood.

Use single or layer or order our set of (7) 5ml Eau de Perfume box set.

$50 (plus s&h and sales tax)

Box Set of (7) 5ml Wisdom Perfume Eau de Parfums

$75 (plus s&h and sales tax)

Trade Bead Perfume Necklace

Fill with your custom blend (see Consulting page) or one of our Wisdom Perfume blends.  Comes in a beautiful necklace box with pipette for filling glass perfume bottle.  This is a one-of-a-kind necklace which I handcrafted using glass and antique trade beads.  Made in a sacred manner with smudging and prayers as each piece of gold wire is twisted and bead attached.  Wear or add to your altar.

$125 (plus s&h and sales tax)