Aromatic Traditions™ is a botanical skin care formulating and consulting company for natural and organic skin care product makers and manufacturers. We create formulas so you can spend more time taking your business to the next level. Aromatic Traditions™ provides top-quality, result-driven products free of petrochemicals and parabens, and rich with botanicals and vegetable oils, fats and waxes.


CONSULTATION… (the creative process)

  • Developing YOUR idea and brand
  • Analyzing market trends
  • Creating YOUR unique Brand Aroma Profile

FORMULATION (turning YOUR ideas into reality)

Here you will select your active botanical ingredients and customize your brand by adding advanced skin-care ingredients tailored to your brand. We use our 20 years experience and contacts to source the best ingredients and can help you choose packaging.

Click to download – Project Scope PDF

  • Creating your unique formula
  • Sourcing materials
  • Analyzing profitability
  • Creating pre-production samples
  • Producing INCI and FAQ for your labels

PRODUCTION…(semi-custom, custom or “on your own”)

Your special skin-care brand is ready to launch with either our manufacture or your own. If you choose to manufacture we are available to consult during production.

  • Choose our manufacture or yours
  • Choose private label or bulk production
  • Packaging and shipping
I have always been blown away by Sue’s knowledge, creations, and passion for products, plants, and mother earth. As I was coming close to finishing my product line, she was my go to person for a consultation and helped me feel confident with executing and moving forward with my product launch. Her consultation was well thought out, efficient, and to the point which helped me finalize my vision. Her knowledge and caring nature are priceless to me and will always be a valuable resource for my future product development.
Erica Craig, LMT
Owner-Pure Balance Therapeutic Massage
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